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Stylish Ways To Divide Your Home With Room Dividers And Separators

There is only so much space in one place. You may have only a small room and want to make two rooms out of it. You may have a large room and want to make it seem like you are not in a great open space. Whether the area is big or small, if you want to separate areas within one area, there are pretty much two ways you can do it. Either you can build a wall, which can be time-consuming and costly, or you can get a room divider. Room dividers can be costly as well, depending on what you get, but they can also add some style as well as being functional. In this article, we will look at some stylish dividers that you can split up a large area with or make the most functionality out of your existing space.

Hokku Designs

This is a pretty expensive divider to have, but it is stylish and functional at the same time. It is called the Bisect Room Divider. It has 6 adjustable storage drawers as well as shelves to store your stuff or put books on or other things like glass ornaments or things of that nature. On it will run you just under $1000. Of course it will cost you extra if you want it delivered up to your front door, and there are options for taking it inside your home and opening it, and a little bit more if you want it delivered inside your home and assemble it for you. If you want this option, which is the most expensive, you'll ultimately pay about $1300 plus tax.

Broyhill Avery Avenue Room Divider

This room divider is also high-end, but it provides style and function as well. It is wood and glass and will divide your room as well as serving as a curio cabinet basically. It has 2 glass doors on top with 3 shelves on each side, 2 opening doors in the middle and 1 cubby on each side of that, as well as a shelf on the bottom. On it will cost you a base price of $1210, plus additional costs for delivery inside your home and assembly. Although it is expensive, it looks very nice and adds a touch of class as well as dividing your room.

Cell (Edelweiss Industrial Design)

This is a room divider that you can customize yourself. I haven't been able to find out how much it costs, but this is a pretty nifty design. It is a modular partition system, and it is made of wood. You can make different shapes, sizes, and densities with it. The pieces are shaped kind of like boomerangs and you connect them together, making the size, shape and density of the divider. This is definitely something unique that you can make use of using your imagination. I first found the picture of it on

Toilet Paper Room Divider

I don't know if you can get this in your home or not, but it would be nice if you could. Again, I found the picture of it on Gary Hutton and Timothy Gemmill designed it for an art collector named Chara Schreyer. It is steel and designed for use in the bathroom. Not only does it look pretty cool but it serves the function of storing your toilet paper. Once filled, of course, that's what makes the divider. It holds quite a few rolls and you'll have no trouble knowing how much you have left. Again, the cost is not known.

Asian Floor Screen

If you like Asian art, then this would be a good room divider to have in your home. It is 6 feet high, 5 1/3 feet wide, and it has 4 panels. It is a cheesecloth-covered cedar plywood frame that is covered with several layers of plaster and lacquer, then hand painted. The 4 panels together make an Asian scene and it is very nice looking. This was found on and the base price is just over $355.

Beach Scene Wood Divider

This room partition I also found on It is a 4-panel screen as well, and has a base price of just over $500. It is also 6 feet high, 5 1/3 feet wide. At the bottom are two boats on the beach, with waves rolling in and a blue sky with white clouds at the top. It is made of birch and the scene is only the front side, and covered with a wood laminate to protect the design.

Wayborn Dressing Room Divider

This divider is 3 panels, and it is 6 feet high and 5 feet wide. The base price is about $380 and was found on It doesn't have a special design, but it is functional in that it is mirrored. This is good because you can see how you look in the mirror without having to go to the bathroom. If your vice is vanity, then this room divider also works for you. Just be careful since it is glass, and 3 panels totals 21 years of bad luck if you break this.

Wayborn Blue Tulips Room Divider

This is also found on and it is 3 panels. It is hand carved as well as hand painted wood done with blue tulips as the name suggests. It is very nice-looking and it is 2 feet, 7 inches high and 3 feet, 4 inches wide. This particular divider is on the lower end as far as price is concerned, the base price being $137.

4-Panel Paper Shoji Room Divider Screen

This goes back to the Asian-style theme. I found it on and it is 4 panels that can fold up like most paneled room dividers. It is black wood with paper and it has a plum blossom as the painting. It is 6 feet high and 5 1/3 feet wide. This is also a low-cost, yet stylish room divider. The base price is just over $112.

Oriental Furniture Tall Woven Fiber Room Divider

Going back to for this one. The color is dark brown that is 5 feet, 11 inches high, and can be 4 feet, 3 inches wide-8 feet, 8 inches wide. It is made of wood and can be 3-6 panels. It has a woven design and although it is simple-looking, you may consider it stylish. The base price for this divider is $105.

So, there you have it. 10 different styles and designs that you might consider for room dividers in your home. There are thousands of different designs and styles. The price ranges go anywhere from under $100 to well a couple thousand. It's up to you what look you want and what your price range is. Happy hunting.

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