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What Are The Best Brands Of Recycling Bins And Containers For The Home?

There has been an increase in awareness about the importance of recycling the materials that we use in our day to day lives both locally and globally. If you are interested in keeping your home or place of work clean and environmental friendly, you need to invest in a high quality recycling bin or container for the trash. Here are some of the benefits you get from recycling.

1. You assist in the reduction of the waste that ends up in dumping sites and landfills.

2. You help conserve natural resources and this increases the sustainability of life in the planet.

3. Recycling keeps your home clean and eventually cuts down on the cost of items.

There are many more benefits that are associated with the recycling of waste products. However, in order to be successful at it, you need to get the right equipment. With the dozens of recycle bin and containers on the market, picking the most suitable can be quite tricky. But it does not have to be that difficult. Here, are some of the best bin brands in the market.

#1: Suncast Recycle Bin Kit BH183PK: this bin comes in yellow, green and blue colors. It features an easily accessible front flap. You get to select from the many stacks with or without lids. It is ideal for dry storage and also recycling when you need it. The front lid will stay open for as long as you want it to. You will find this bin on www.amazon.com at a cost of $48.93. Other places where you can find it include Industrial S at a cost of $56.76, Wayfair at $48.93 and unbeatable S at $53.67.

#2: United Solutions 41-Quart Recycling Wastebasket: This basket is available in blue. It is ideal for use next to a waste basket or under the table. It is made of heavy duty plastic so it is very durable and also easy to clean. It retails at a cost of $16.85 on Marks on Supply. Other places where you can find it include www.amazon.com at accost of $17.00, Deerso at $10.23 and Geroys at $11.92.

#3: Organize It All Stainless Step-On Recycle Bin: This bin is from Organize It All, experts in home cleanness. It features a side by side triple compartment which can store up to 12 gallons of trash. It is made of stainless steel but has plastic liners to ensure there is durability. It also comes with foot pedals, arm handles and there are 2 bin versions available. You can get it at a cost of $78.40 on The Price Pros. Stacks and stacks are also selling it at $109, www.amazon.com at $93.45 and Unbeatable S at $90.16.

#4: 23 Gallon Recycling Container by Genuine Joe: This bin comes in a variety of colors raging from blue, green, yellow, cream grey and even black. It can hold up to 23 gallons of trash and is very easy to clean. You can find it on Wayfair at a cost of $24.99. Other places where you can find it include Beach Audio at a cost of $29.84 and www.amazon.com at $26.17.

#5: Allied T6227 3-Piece Stackable 24-Quart Clear Bins: This model comes in a set of three packs of stackable bins with lid sets. The bins are 24 quart size and are made of stainless steel door hinges on the sets. They are translucent in color and designed for durability. You can get the bin on www.amazon.com for $35.82. Other places where you can get this bin include eBay and bestbuy.com.

#6: Allied Precision T6230 3 piece stackable bins with lid sets: This is another wonderful recycling solution from Allied. The product features a three pack of bins with lid sets, are color coded and made of heavy duty plastic for more durability. It is available in 12, 16 and 20 gallon sizes. The set is available at a cost of $63.99 on www.amazon.com. You can also get it on BestBuy and eBay.

#7: Rubbermaid 256T73BE Commercial Glutton Recycling Station: This is one of the best recycling solutions for big companies and workplaces where there is a lot of garbage to dispose of. It can hold as much as 46 gallons of trash and has restrictive cover top. It is available at a cost of $247.86 on www.amazon.com. Other places where you can get the bin include eBay and Beach Audio.

#8: RUB571297BE - Plastic Computer Paper Recycling Tub: This bin is available in blue and is manufactured by Rubbermaid. It is made of heavy duty plastic and is an ideal price for the office. It goes at a cost of $32.32 from BestSource office supplies. You can also find it on amazon at the same cost.

#9: iTouchless 16 Gallon dual compartment recycle bin: This bin is ideal for both the work place and at home. It is made of stainless steel and has two compartments to help you organize the trash better. It is also steel sensor activated for efficiency and runs on wheels. You can get it at accost of $174.09 on www.amazon.com. Other places where you can get the same model include eBay and Deerso at a cost of $168.90.

#10: United Solutions 34-Gallon Recycling Trash Can: This can is ideal for both home and industrial environments. It has a handle and wheels for easier transport even when full. It is actually made from 75% recycled material and has a lid for safety and cleanness. This bin retails at a cost of $18.49 on ozbo. You can also find it on www.amazon.com at a cost of $23.94.

Those are ten of the most efficient recycling bins and containers available in the market. Note that the price quoted may vary depending on other costs such as shipping.When you are shopping for recycling bins and containers for the home, you should always have the efficiency and suitability of the model in mind. If you usually have a lot of garbage in the house, get a bin that can hold more gallons of trash. Similarly, if garbage collection takes a few weeks in your area, get a container that takes weeks to fill up.

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