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An In-Depth Overview Of Various Potted House Plants And How To Care For Them

For those who want to be closer to nature but have no outdoor space for a beautiful garden, potted house plants are an ideal option for them. Having potted plants around the house is a perfect solution for those who dwell in apartments. Growing and caring for potted plants is as intriguing as growing an outdoor garden in the backyard. All that is needed is basic tips to care for potted plants, and the right choice of plant varieties that can be kept indoors.

There are several ways in which apartment dwellers can benefit by maintaining potted house plants, for instance, they will purify indoor air and add greenery to their rooms. It is an obvious fact that constant air movement, sunlight and other growing conditions are required by plants. Nonetheless, there are particular ornamental varieties that are capable of adapting in an indoor environment.

For those who want to grow and care for potted plants within their house, the following methods and tips will help them ensure that their plants will remain healthy.

Selecting the Right Pot

Choosing pots for household plants based on design is not recommended. To ensure that the water can flow out freely, pots with holes in the bottom should be purchased. In order to grow properly, an appropriate drainage system is always needed by indoor potted plants. Besides, just about any container can serve as a pot, even lightweight, plastic containers, which are more convenient.

The Importance of Soil

Unlike plants that are planted in the grown, those grown in pots are quite different. When growing plants in pots indoors the required conditions and soil tend to vary. Unlike plants grown outdoors, indoor potted plants might dry out quite often. Thus, appropriate drainage of water should be allowed by the soil to prevent the roots from getting damaged. Along with good quality soil, polymer granules can also be added into the soil at times. Soil from the garden should never be used for potted plants.

Requirement of Light

It is necessary to provide indoor potted plants with the right kind of environment. An appropriate source of natural light is required by these plants in order to grow properly. However, this also depends upon the plant as well. Some indoor plants require a lot of light while others do not.

Cleaning and Maintaining

A lot of grime and dust are also collected by potted house plants. This can cause the whole plants to look dull. To ensure the whole plant looks healthy, the leaves should be cleaned regularly.

Best Potted House Plants


When it comes to air purification, philodendrons are among the best indoor potted plants, and are available in a variety of types, which vary in the shape of their foliage. As per a study, philodendrons are splendid for removing formaldehyde from air. However, it should be kept in mind that philodendrons are poisonous plants, and so it is necessary to be careful while handling these leafy plants.


Around the world, the potted house plant that is most sought after is the poinsettias. These indoor plants can be ideally grown in an office and at home. Poinsettia plants can be found in many different varieties, such as orange, pink, red, speckled and white ones. The blooms are inconspicuous and yellow colored, while the bracts are colorful and showy.


Ornamental varieties of fern are ideal for apartment dwellers who do not have enough time to nurture their indoor potted plants. Caring for these ferns is easier and for maintenance, less effort is required by them. For those who suffer from pollen allergy, these plants should be placed at ground level. This way, the dispersal and spreading of spores inside a room is reduced.

Peace Lilies

When it comes to the best flowering potted house plants to be kept indoors, most hobbyists tend to prefer peace lilies. For optimal growth, high humidity level, shade condition and warm temperature is required by them. They have white colored flowers with shapes somewhat like anthurium. The foliage is large and bright green, so the aesthetic value of a room can be enhanced by placing a few peace lilies in pots inside, even during the non-blooming season.

Moth Orchid

For indoor plantation, the moth orchid is another splendid flowering plant variety. This orchid belongs in the Phalaenopsis genus, and is found in a variety of colors. Moth orchids bloom for around three months and caring for them is quite easy. To ensure that maximum bloom is produced, the moth orchid should be placed near a door or window, where it will get filtered sunlight.


For those who are fond of gardening but have some allergic problems or asthma, the best indoor potted plant that will not aggravate their condition is snapdragons. Respiratory conditions are usually caused by plant pollens, and in this plant variety, they are enclosed inside the flowers. To prolong the life of the flowers, some of the stamens should be pinched off.

Lady Palm

For those who want to grow potted house plants, a must have ornamental choice is the lady palm. In these small palm trees, the most impressive magnificent part is the leaves that are fan-shaped. It is long-lasting and slow growing, which makes it an ideal indoor potted plant for hobbyists who have a busy lifestyle and cannot spare time to frequently repot their plants. Furthermore, the lady palm is capable of adapting to a variety of humidity levels, soil conditions and temperatures.

Mother-in-law's Tongue

The list of the best potted house plants that are capable of cleaning air also includes this cultivar. The name of this plant refers to the leaves that have sharp tips. Even when the exposure to light conditions is low for an extended period, this plant still performs well. As far as moisture level is concerned, the mother-in-law's tongue plant is highly robust. To ensure that they grow healthily, it is adequate to water them once during summer.

Begonias, bromeliads, cactus, ficus, ponytail palm and zebra plant are some other potted house plants that can be grown and cared for indoors. A unique touch can be created in the interior design by arranging these plants based on their flower color, flowering season, foliage shape and height.

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