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Maintain Your Home And Sanity With The Right Pest Control Products And Supplies

It is unfortunate, but it is true. At some point in your life, you will likely have to deal with a pest infestation. There are many pests that can infest your home, creating a general nuisance, damage, and even health problems. Here we look at some of the different types of pest infestations and how to get rid of them, both inside and outside of your home.

Infestation Types

Some of the most notorious critters that can infest your home and cause you major headaches are: ants, mosquitoes, scorpions, termites, snakes, roaches, fleas, mice, bed bugs, and rats. Any one of these pests can cause their own version of trouble, and some are downright dangerous. The methods used to rid one's home of these unwanted creatures fall into two categories: home and professional. Home means these are control methods you can purchase yourself in a grocery, department, or home improvement store. Professional of course means exterminators/pest control services, which you have to hire at your expense. Now let us look at each type of pest mentioned and some of the methods used to get them out of your home.

Termites- Termites are arguably the worst of the bunch. These nasty little bugs will literally eat your home from the inside out. They get into your home and begin chewing it, weakening wooden supports, walls, floors, etc. The advised method for removal is having a professional do it. Internally and sometimes externally liquid can be used, a poison that is applied to the nest found during inspection, in cracks or holes, even underground. Baiting is done outside the home, placed at points along a specified perimeter, and works with a test piece of wood. Upon inspection, if it is damaged by termites, then pesticide is placed where the wood was. The termites end up poisoning the whole colony. Some baits prevent the termites from growing to the stage where they begin eating wood and thus damaging your home.

Bed Bugs- Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. It is not just an old saying though. There are such creatures as bedbugs and they feed on blood. They are normally found in or on beds, bedding, luggage, clothing, boxes, furniture, etc. There are many treatment options, both chemical and non-chemical, treatments you can do yourself or hire a pest control service to do the job. Some of the methods are pesticides, washing bedding in hot water, or drying at high heat, heating or cooling the affected room to extremes, 113 degrees Fahrenheit, or subzero temperatures can kill some infestations. Chemical treatments should be used in conjunction with non-chemical treatments for best results.

Mice- Mice are a problem not only to the home but to the safety of the family as well, carrying toxins that can contaminate the food that you eat or spread diseases to humans or pets. Treatments for mice can generally be done yourself, using various traps or baits. The old snap traps are still the most popular, done for small infestations. Placed strategically with the right bait, they are very effective. There are also electrified traps, live traps that can hold several mice, glue boards, baits, and poisons. Outside the home baits are good if maintained properly, though not always recommended for in-home use as the mouse may die behind a wall and you will not be able to remove it. You may also want to go old school and get a cat.

Ants- Having ants in or around your home can be a huge nuisance, even painful if you happen to have fire ants. There are several ways to kill them, either yourself or with a pest control service. There are powder, solid, gel, and liquid baits that can be used. Internally, just keeping the place clean, washing where ants have been with soap and water is often effective. Sometimes, gel treatments are used around areas where they come into the home. Baits are recommended for outside, as ants will be attracted to them and leave the home to find them. Most baits are designed to be mistaken by ants as food and taken to the queen of the colony. This way the queen is killed and the colony falls apart. You can also have a control service provide monthly sprayings around your home's perimeter, although it is not made for long-term control.

Mosquitoes- Mosquitoes are a very annoying insect, and potential disease carriers as well. The majority of control methods for mosquitoes will occur outside the home. As far as inside the home, screen doors, repellent, and even the good old bug zapper by the front door will help keep them out of your home. Outside the home, the two best methods for control is eliminate sources of standing water and keep your lawn maintained. Any source of standing water or weeds around the house are breeding or resting grounds for mosquitoes.

Fleas- To rid your home of a flea infestation, you may need to use several methods, as there are different life cycles to fleas. Control methods will need to be varied to tackle them all. Shampoos, dips, collars, sprays and powders, spot treatments and even pills work to get them fleas off your pet. To get them out of your home, you will need to vacuum every day, thoroughly wash all bedding for yourselves and your pets, and maybe even use chemical foggers to finish the job. Always be careful and follow the directions when using these insecticides.

Roaches- Even in the cleanest home, a roach infestation is possible. Even the smallest amounts of food can attract them. In the home, keep it clean and free from clutter such as newspapers and cardboard boxes. Look out for any cracks or crevices, moist areas, etc and eliminate those. There are traps, glue traps, baits, dusts, sprays, and gels to combat the problem, but these must be used in the right areas and in conjunction with other methods to get them gone. In some cases, a professional may be required to handle the problem.

Rats- Just the word is enough to make you shiver. The control methods for rats are pretty much the same as mice. Spring traps, live traps, glue traps, poison baits, etc are all effective for getting rid of rats. You can always go green and get a cat too. Keep your home clean and clear of piled-up rubbish, as well as limiting a rat's potential access to food and water sources. Poison baits are ideal for outdoor control, while traps are best for indoor extermination.

Snakes- Yes, that's right. Snakes. It is possible to have an infestation of snakes around your home. To prevent this, keep your lawn mowed and get rid of friendly environments such as rock piles. A little kerosene around preferred environments can help as well. Get rid of their food supply and you will likely get rid of the snakes. Any rodents like mice or even gophers are favorites in a snake's diet. Also, you can get a cat or a dog like a Jack Russell Terrier, which are not fans of snakes at all.

Scorpions- You won't have to worry about this except in certain climates and environments. While they can get rid of some other insects and pests, they can become a nuisance as well. Most scorpions will just cause great pain if one stings you. The people with the most to worry about are elderly people and very young children. Certain scorpions can be deadly, however. A clean, open yard is a good repellent, as well as finding and sealing up all cracks and crevices that you can find. Inside, make sure pet dishes are empty at night, fix leaky water fixtures, and get rid of other pests that may be in the house. Some cats and even chickens are natural predators that will attack the scorpions, or in the case of the chickens, eat bugs in the yard that would become a scorpion's meal. There are also insecticide sprays and granules.


All of the above-named pests and others not named can be annoying, dangerous, and damaging. Many you can get rid of yourself, however others are more effectively and/or safely eliminated by a professional pest control service. Good luck.

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