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10 Of The Best Indoor And Outdoor Rugs Online

Rugs add a great touch to any room or area of your house. Whether its a rug for your living room, or a rug for the front door of your home, there are many great ones to choose from all just a click of your mouse away. Here are 10 great indoor and/or outdoor rugs for your home.

5 Of the Best Indoor Rugs Online

1. Water Trapper Grid Mats - No matter what season, this is a great rug to have by all doors that lead in from outside. In the winter, the snowy and wet shoes can wreak havoc on your nice floors. This is why you need at least one of these rugs in front of the main entrance of your house.


•Thick fibers that scrape off snow and mud
•Side channels that allow any water that gets on them to drain quickly.
•Non slip rubber padding underneath so the rug doesn't move and slide, this is safe so nobody will slip on the rug and fall.
•Easy to clean
•Comes in a number of different colors and sizes so it can suit any home with great style

The pricing for this rug starts at $30.00 for an 18" x 27.5". The larger you want the rug, the more you will pay but it's a very reasonable price for how great the rug is. This is also a great rug for any dog owners! Dogs love to track mud and grime through your home but this rug won't allow your dog to do so. You can find this rug at and the item number for the first sized rug is SI7A1E18.

2. Fleur de Liss Wool Area Rug - If you are looking for a very elegant area rug for your home, this a great option to choose. This rug is made by Safavieh which is a very quality, high name brand. This rug is made to last so it will stay in great shape after years of use. It comes in different designs so you can try to match it to any room, again the larger rug you buy the more you will pay. The smallest sizing price starts at $70. You can purchase this rug at

3. Alexa 'My Soft and Plush' Shag Rug - You will be very happy with the purchase of this rug if you decide to do so, many customers who have purchased the rug say that it's made with great quality and they just can't get enough of it.

•This is one of the best selling area rug on
•It comes in many different colors and designs so it add a great touch to any room in your home
•It's also safe to put on any floor in your home and you can vacuum it without any problems at all
•It's made with acrylic backing and it's shag material
•8' x 10' rug
•It will cost your around $270 to purchase
•Again, it's from and the model number is SHG1-8010

4. Mohawk Home Ink Swirl Area Rug - This a very unique and stylish area rug from Home Depot will add a great look to your home. Some of it's features include:

•Stain resistance
•Resists fading
•Measurements are 10' x 13'
•Available in two different styles; carmel and cocoa
•Simple to clean

It is recommended that you purchase a rug gripper with this rug to help make the rug more durable. You can find this rug, again, at and it's model number is 291990.

5. IKEA Gislev Area Rug - This is a very high rated area rug on

•It's dimensions are 6'5" L x 4'4"
•It's colors are white and black
•Will look great in any home with it's modern designing and patterns
•Easy to care for
•VERY inexpensive; Priced at $30

5 of the Best Outdoor Rugs Online

1. Clean Machine Doormat - Looking for a great outdoor mat that comes highly recommended? This is a great option for you. This is the most popular outdoor rug on today. Some of it's features include:

•Hides and holds over one pound of dirt
•Made from Astroturf
•Resistant to mildew and mold
•Great for snowy seasons
•Very easy to care for, just lift, shake, spray with the hose and drop back down.

The Astroturf scraper blades will help keep your home clean as they will catch all dirt and grime before it gets tracked into your home. The measurements of this doormat are 24" x 36" and is made from polyethylene. Amazon offers this rug for a great price of $24.

2. Couristan Recife Indoor/outdoor Rug - This rug isn't just great for the indoors or the outdoors, it's great for both! If you have a patio that it hard and you don't want people slipping or hurting themselves on it, this is a great rug to choose. It also looks great in any room of your home as well. It's a very natural color so it will match just about any area you place it in.

There are many different dimensions for this rug, so the price will depend on the rug you choose. The starting out dimension is 2 x 3.7 ft and the price listed for this dimension is $21.00. You can find this outdoor/indoor area rug at and it's item number is CRN006.

3. Mohawk Home Forest Welcome Mat - This rug has a great design that will add a wonderful touch to the front door of your home. You can find this rug at and it's very affordable, the price listed is only $17.97. Some of it's features include:

•Made with 100% recycled rubber
•Sends a friendly message to guests as they approach your home
•Fixed texture underneath so the mat always stays in place
•Dimensions are 23" x 35"
•Model number is 061814

4. Colorful Paws Rubber Doormat - If you are looking for an affordable and very fun rug for your front door, this is a great one for you. It comes in many different patterns and styles so it can suit any personality type you may have. It will send a delightful message to your guests and as soon as they approach your home, they'll see that you are fun loving people. It's made to withstand any type of weather which will come in handy during the winter season. It's made with 100% recycled material. It's dimensions are 18" x 30" so it will fit perfectly on any porch.

This rug is very affordable seeings how it's listed at $15 and it's available for you to purchase at

5. Live, Laugh, Love Personalized Doormat - You can purchase this doormat to have your last name on it, this way everyone knows who's home it is as soon as they approach your home. For a personalized, quality rug for your front door, it's a great price. You can get this rug for $22.95 plus shipping and handling charges. You simply put in the name you want it to say and you will have a fantastic rug for your front door in days. It measures to be 18" L x 27" W.

You can purchase this rug for your front door at today.

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