Mobile Home Furnaces Are Designed For Comfort, Safety, And Economy Of Space

Mobile home furnaces are designed and manufactured specifically for use in mobile homes and manufactured homes. They are generally smaller in size and powered specifically to provide safe, adequate heat for the entire home without being overpowering.

The Coleman 70,000-BTU Mobile Home Gas Furnace uses 80% natural gas. It also supports a central air conditioning unit. This product has the necessary hook-ups to convert LP gas if needed. It measures 76 inches high, 19 ½ inches wide, and 24 ¾ inches deep. This furnace is available at shrailhvac.com, a reputable retailer that deals with heaters, furnaces, and appropriate accessories. You can buy this furnace for $870.00.

At rvplus.com, a retailer specializing in supplies and parts for your trailer, RV, or mobile home, you will find the Nordyne 902972A Electric Furnace. This product was designed specifically for manufactured and modular homes. It includes a modern cabinet that is fully insulated to minimize any loss of heat energy from the unit, and it is also ready to support an air conditioning unit if desired. This furnace is for sale for $661.62.

If your current furnace is in poor repair, it is important that you do not delay in taking care of the problem. One of your options is to purchase a new aftermarket product for installation like the Hamilton Mobile Home Electric Furnace. This is a compact unit, which is often best in a mobile home setting. It measures 29 inches high, 20 inches wide, and 24 ½ inches deep. You can purchase this furnace at northerntool.com for $669.99.

If you have recently purchased a new mobile home, a furnace inspection is imperative, for your convenience and your safety. If you are not pleased with what you find, you may want to consider the Coleman Mobile Modular Home Electric Furnace. As one of the top suppliers of furnaces for RV’s, mobile homes, and manufactured homes, Coleman is a name that you can count on. This furnace is heat and air conditioner ready and measures 51 inches high, 19 ½ inches wide, and 24 inches deep. It sells for $515.00 at northamericahvac.com.

At alpinehomeair.com, you can find a variety of contemporary ideas about how to save money, first by purchasing a unit at or near wholesale prices, and second by installing and using a unit that is designed to use less energy and work more efficiently than traditional furnaces. The Natural Gas or LP Self Contained Furnace and Air Conditioner is one example. This unit is designed for ground or roof top mount; its purchase and installation makes you eligible for a tax credit for energy savings. You must contact the retailer for further details and pricing information.

The Coleman Automatic Hot Surface Ignition Gas Furnace requires no extra space tolerance and is therefore ideal for space conscious consumers. This factory equipped natural gas furnace is easily converted to LP gas, so it is a great replacement for your unit when it falls into ill repair. You can find this unit at mobilehomepartsstore.com, a great resource for mobile home accessories at discount prices. This unit is priced at $920.87.

Another great resource for Coleman’s furnaces is acoverstock.com. Here you will find a selection of electric and gas units, including the Coleman EB Series Electric Furnace with 68,340 BTUs. It is air conditioner ready, uses universal disposable filters, and allows great economy of space. You can purchase this unit for $969.70.

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