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A Guide To Good Mobile Home Financing Companies

Have you ever admired some great mobile homes from manufacturers like Fleetwood, Clayton and Golden West and yet just can’t afford to buy any one of them? Well there is no need to worry about not having enough money to purchase a mobile home for there are many mobile home financing companies that are willing to give you a loan to buy your dream home regardless whether you are single or married. We compiled a list of some financing companies that can allow you to get mobile home loans where you don’t have to pay back double or triple the amount in interest.

21st Mortgage Cooperation

21st Mortgage Cooperation is a credit providing company that specializes in offering manufactured home loans. This credit provider offers a wide variety of loan types for modular home manufacturers, mortgage brokers and consumers in all U.S. states. 21st Mortgage Cooperation allows its clients to apply for mobile home loans online. For more information on how you can secure a loan to buy a new or used mobile home contact 800 955 0021 or visit www.21stmortgage.com.

MH Loans Corporation

If you want your mobile home loan to be processed and approved in a snap then you need to get in touch with MH Loans Corporation. All you need to do is go to their site and you can apply for a mobile home loan online and in a short time your loan will be approved. MH Loans currently provide mobile home loans in 13 states among which include Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. To see if you can secure a loan for your mobile home in your state contact 888 809 1145 or visit www.mhloans.com.

Triad Financial Services

Triad Financial Services has been providing loans for people that want to buy mobile homes or kit homes for over 50 years. Triad knows all the hassles of trying to secure a loan from a bank, so they have devised ways in which you can secure a loan for your mobile home without having to sweat. For more information on how you can get a loan for your manufactured home visit www.triadfs.com, send an e-mail to info@triadfs.com or call 800 522 2013 or visit Triad Financial Services, Inc NMLS #1063, 4336 Pablo Oaks Court, Jacksonville, FL 32224.

Lending Tree

This loan provider offers great mortgage rates including refinance loans. If you want to estimate where your savings stand you can use their refinance calculators. If you already have a loan offer from somewhere else Lending Tree is willing to give you advice on whether your loan offer is good or not good. Lending Tree also helps you figure out how much you can spend on a mobile home without choking your budget. Lending Tree offers loans with rates as low as 2.375% (3.227% APR) as well as attractive equity. For more info visit www.lendingtree.com or call 1-800 555 8733.

MH Village

MH Village knows mobile homes more than any other loan provider on the market. MH Village finances purchases for all kinds of mobile homes among which include Silver Crest, Skyline, Karsten and Fleetwood. So if you have dreamt owing a beautiful mobile home from any of these manufacturers now is the time for MH Village can make your dream become a reality. For more information on available loans visit www.mhvillage.com and chat live with an agent.

Priority Funding LLC

If you are looking for people that understand why you need to own a home then you must get in touch with Priority Funding LLC. Priority LLC offers financing in park purchases, park refinancing, land/home financing as well as new and used mobile home financing. For more information on loans offers available visit www.priloan.com or call (508) 393 5511 or visit Priority Funding, LLC, 292 Main Street, Suite G1, Northboro, MA 01532. Tel: (508) 393 5511.

JCF Lending Group

JCF provides loans for mobile homes and for trailer homes in parks. This company can also provide loans for manufactured homes on private land as long as they are not tied to the land by deeds. JCF specializes in Chattel mortgages which are basically loans that are meant for mobile homes where land is not a factor and the financing only involves the mobile home. For more information visit www.chattelmortgage.net or visit JCF Lending Group, 848 North Rainbow Blvd. #2249, Las Vegas, NV 89107. Tel: (866) 967 0143.

Mobile Home Park Store

This company provides loans for mobile homes. They also provide home and park finance, VA loans, mobile home loan funding and Earth works trust mobile home loans. For more info on the various loans offered visit www.mobilehomeparkstore.com.

First Credit Corporation

First Credit is a company that was founded in 1985 and ever since it has been providing loans for mobile home buyers. First Credit is currently providing loans for 9 states. The company specializes in provision of loans for mobile homes in land lease communities. First credit is also a licensed insurance company that provides competitive insurance policies. For more information visit www.firstcreditcorp.com or visit First Credit Corporation 21 North Main Street Gloversville, NY 12078. Phone: (518) 773 2718. Fax: (518) 725 1670.

J&M Homes

J&M Homes is amongst the top 20 mobile loan finance providers on the market. This company offers a wide range of loan options for mobile homes, trailer homes and manufactured homes. If you want a home loan that has the lowest rates on the market J&H have just what you need. For more info on loan options available visit www.jandmhomes.com.

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