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A Beautiful Lawn Is Easy To Obtain With These Tools And Supplies

Naturally, one who has a lawn of any dimensions will need a lawnmower. Those who have fairly small lawn could probably use an old fashioned reel mower like the one that is located on This is one of the sites that individuals can buy their mower on. Lowes has lots of mower selections on this site. One of the reel mowers that is offered includes the Fiskars 18 inch reel lawn mower retailing for $199.00. This is probably the top of the line product in reel mowers, and has a large diameter cutting wheel combined with a heavy fly wheel and the ability to burst through items such as small twigs.

Those that have a larger yard could use the addition of a gas powered mower also located at A self propelled mower is great if your yard combines small hills or uneven terrain. One of the mowers that is available is a Troy Bilt 280E self propelled lawn mower. It has 6.75 torque and is a mower that allows you to electric start the mower and eliminates the need for push pull starts. Some homeowners also like mowers that come with an attaching bag for grass clippings, and leaves.

Naturally when you are done with cutting your grass you will need a rake to clear the grass off your lawn, or to rake leaves in the fall. A premium rake that is sold by Ace hardware. includes the Corona 12 inch bamboo rake that retails for  $12.99.

Another item that many homeowners consider to be essential is a electric or gas powered weed eater. A weedeater that performs a dual function as a weedeater and trimmer is the Sears Craftsman weedeater trimmer available on It is worth checking out as it is only $95.99.

An edger is another item that is useful for maintaining a good looking lawn. They can help to make dramatic lines in the lawn. An edger that has gotten really positive reviews is the Black and Decker Edge Hog LE750 that is available on This product can make a difference in your lawn and has several positive reviews and retails for approximately $88.00.

One of the other lawn care tools that is helpful for the homeowner wishing to keep a premium lawn is a spreader. A spreader can help the homeowner to lay grass seed in areas that may be bare, and can also fertilize the lawn as necessary. A Precision products 200 lb pull behind spreader spreader from and is available for $309.00. It is 5 star rated and even comes with a rain cover, naturally, one can purchase a spreader for much less, and can even rent one if necessary.

To keep your lawn looking spiffy a good fertilizer should also be applied. Most people fertilize in the fall, but improvements to the line of fertilizers include fertilizers that can be used any time of the year.Some of the Scotts fertilizers can be applied anytime. There is an enriched fertizlier available from that can be applied any time of the year. This particular product is called Scotts turfbuilder plus. It has a 5 star review, and is a well thought of product. It combines 2 perecent iron with the basic fertilzer and is quite useful.  It is a prime Scott product that combines fertilizer with a weed retardant product. Even conventional fertilzers can strenghten your grass and help to keep weeds at bay. Most good fertilizer products retail at about $20.00-$30.00 per bag, No one ever said the cost of maintaining a beautiful lawn is cheap. This is one o the great things about maintaing a lawn if you are willing to pay enough you can keep the perfect lawn at all times.

A dethatcher is also useful or keeping your lawn looking nice. Detatchers come in different types, They can be either a walk behind mower or a tow behind model. They can also be electric or gas models. One dethatcher that can be useful for individuals who wish to have a stellar lawn is one that is located on One of the models that is very popular is located on this site. The detatcher that is highly popular with users is the Flail gas powered walk behind dethatcher model #200 at over $1,000.

Another thing that is useful in keeping your lawn looking really green lush and trim is an aerator. An aerator can keep your lawn looking really exceptional all year long. Aerators can remove dead grass and debris and make your soil look lush all year long. One of the aerators that has drawn high praise is A cratsman lawn aerator that is available for $199.00, #24326 from An Aerator can actually help you break up plugs of soil so that your lawn is looking plush, and fertile all year long. The use of a good aerator is another tool in your arsenal of suplies to keep the perfect lawn.

Naturally. we have been discussing the higher end models of all these products, but these products can be gotten for less expensive prices from many retailer and websites. Most of the standard models are black, red or green. One can pay as little or as much as they want to for the various lawn care items we have been discussing. These items however, are important to keep your lawn looking its very best. Lawns are one of the great things about home ownership, and one that can help keep your property values high.

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