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7 Of Our Favorite Home Intercom Systems

If you own a home and you have not had the pleasure of using a home intercom system, then you are missing out.

Home intercom systems are especially useful with big families, and in houses with 5+ rooms. Children can often seem to be in 10 places at once, so having a system where you can communicate with them and they can communicate with you from anywhere in the house is a real luxury.

Below we have listed our 7 favorite home intercom systems, and have also detailed what situations they may be best for.

Note also that any home intercom system can also be used in a business as well, such as a real estate office.

7. 4-Room Wireless Intercom System for Home or Office by International Electronics, Inc - $285.00

One of the simplest ways to install a home intercom system is by use of radio. Radio intercom systems have the benefit of being relatively cheap compared to their wired counterparts, portable, and require no installation.

On the downside, they are known for having voice and signal quality issues. Obviously if you have a wireless system the quality will not be as good as if you were tethered, but if you are on a tight budget they may still be incredibly useful.

6. Wireless Portable Intercom Voice Activated by Chamberlain - $82.97

While this system does not have the range or the voice quality as the previous system, it does have the extremely helpful benefit of being voice activated. It also helps that this system is less than half the price.

5. Westinghouse 3-Channel Intercom System by Westinghouse - $35.85

The Westinghouse is a unique item among our list of home intercom systems, and it is also the cheapest.

The Westinghouse works by transmitting its signal not through radio waves or communication cables, but through your homes own electrical lines.

The downside to this of course is you have to find electrical outlets in your house that are on a loop. This requires a little bit of knowledge of your home or office wiring set-up, but is also discoverable through a little trial and error. The manual that comes with the Westinghouse is thankfully very helpful in finding your electrical outlet loops if you have no prior knowledge.

The quality of the sound on electrical intercom systems is comparable to that of radio, but slightly better.

4. On-Q IC5400-WH Selective Call Intercom 4 Location Kit by On-Q Legrand - $865.00

The On-Q provides a number of helpful features in this home intercom system that runs on the industry standard Cat-5 cable.

The first is a small LCD screen that lets you select which room you want to talk to. You can name your rooms manually, such as "living room", "kitchen" etc.

The second is that the On-Q uses separate microphone and speaker ports for their sound system. While this would normally result in much higher quality sound, we found the speakers themselves to be somewhat cheaper than they should have been on an otherwise well-made system.

3. Panasonic link-to-cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone Answering System - $120.98

While this system isn't technically an intercom system, it is very popular with homeowners who have come to rely on their cell phone for their "home phone" needs.

The Panasonic LTC works by setting up a number of cordless phones around your house, and then connecting to the Bluetooth system on your cell phone. This means that you can effectively put down your cell phone for the day when you get home, but still receive calls to your home intercom system through the same phone number.

You can take calls from your cell phone through any room in the house, as well as call any other LTC device in your household, much like an intercom system.

2. Samsung SHT-3006XM Color Video Door Intercom System - $627.00

Samsung has put together what is perhaps one of the best home intercom systems for door security ever with this product.

Not only do you have the option of having video with your intercom system, but it is also in color, and also comes with its own optional security system.

By installing the strikes that come with this product, you have the ability to lock and unlock your front door remotely from the Samsung intercom master panel. There is also an alarm and emergency notification feature that uses sensors to detect if there is ever forced entry.

You can also have up to 4 different intercom devices to put in different rooms throughout the house as well.

A must have if you are looking for voice intercom, video intercom, and security all in one.

1. M&S Music & Intercom systems - $600- $1500

If there is one leader in the field of home intercom system, it is definitely the small, un-publicized, M&S.

M&S makes a full range of home intercom systems that include radio functionality, music integration, and crystal clear voice communication all in one. has put together a comprehensive list of all M&S systems, and they are impressive.

Their most basic model supports up to 15 speakers throughout the house, along with one master system and three sub systems.

So suppose you are in a room with one of the sub systems, and you want to reach somebody but you don't know which room of the house they're in. Instead of yelling at the top of your lungs, you can simply get on the intercom system and have your voice broadcast over the entire house.

This also works if you want to turn your house into a club, and decide to upgrade to one of the M&S iPod and CD changer compatible systems. You can then have crystal clear music playing in just your room, just the upstairs, or from every speaker you have installed in the house.

This works for radio as well as your TV's audio setup.

You can also choose to wire your doorbell to a custom chime, and have it play over a select number of speakers.

This, along with M&S's hands free reply voice communication system, makes it out favorite voice intercom system available.

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