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Keep Your Trailer Home Sanitary With The Right Floor Cleaning Supplies And Equipment

One of the first things that should be done when starting a home improvement project for your trailer home, is cleaning all of the floors in the home. To do a thorough job of cleaning, the homeowner will need the right type of supplies and cleaning equipment.

Carpet Cleaning Supplies

If the homeowner would like for the carpet to be cleaned thoroughly, they may have to rent or purchase the right types of equipment for these floors. Commercial steam cleaners are normally considered first when thinking about heavily soiled and high traffic carpeting. This professional carpet cleaning equipment will also help to restore the carpet to its original appearance. Other options like the standard vacuum cleaner, spot cleaners, or a home shampoo machine can be placed on the list of alternatives, however, they will not do a thorough cleaning job or restore the carpets looks.

To find the right type of commercial cleaner, the homeowner may want to purchase this equipment from a local hardware store. On the other hand, if the owner is not prepared to make a large investment in a commercial steamer, they will have the option of renting the equipment from a rental store. The prices for purchasing the equipment will also vary based on the type of vacuum model or from one manufacturer to another. For instance, the cost of the Hoover Commercial SteamVac Carpet Cleaner is only $628, while the Thermax CP12-DV commercial cleaning machine is $2,695. Both of these steam machines can be found online via Which means, the cost of a good commercial machine can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is one of the main reasons why some homeowners prefer renting a commercial steam machine to purchasing a commercial steamer online or a local store.

In addition to the right type of commercial steamer, the owner will also need the proper cleaning supplies. In this situation, finding the right type of supplies does not have to be a hard task, since the required supplies will often depend on the recommendations included in the commercial steamer's instructions. Each steamer will provide instructions on what type of solutions are required for the steamer as well as how much should be used.

Linoleum Cleaning Supplies

When the linoleum floors are older, they are often hard to keep clean and shiny. However, if the homeowner is diligent about scrubbing them daily or on a regular basis, they can help to prevent the damage that normally occurs. In fact, with regular maintenance the floors can remain looking great throughout the years. On the other hand, if the floors do not look as lively, the homeowner will have to make sure they have the right cleaning supplies and equipment to handle the job.

To clean floors that look grimy and gritty with stains on them, the owner will need to fill a large bucket with warm water. Filling the bucket half way is usually sufficient. The owner should also put a few drops of dish soap in the water before they use the water to scrub the floors. A nylon brush should be used to scrub the dirt off of the floors. After all of the dirt has been removed from the floors, the owner will need to dry the floors with an old towel. One recommendation for keep the floors clean between scrubbing is placing a vinegar solution on a damp mop (vinegar solution is ½ cup of water in a gallon of warm water). This damp mop can be used to keep them looking clean and fresh.

Restoring the shine on the floor may require the owner to strip the floors of old build up. Ammonia can be used to complete this process. Pouring straight ammonia on the floor in different sections can help to facilitate the process of scabbing old dirt and stains off of the different places. When this process is complete, the owner should rinse the floors with a gallon of water.

Waxing the floors can also help to restore to its original appearance. However, it will take a little time and effort. Before the owner can start the process, the owner should make sure that they use a good quality or premium wax. Liquid wax and paste wax are two of the most common recommendations. With a paste wax, the owner will have to use a buffer on the floor in order to create the shine. To make the shine look its best, the owner can purchase or rent a buffer from a hardware store.

A buffer, however, will not be needed if the owner chooses to use a liquid wax. Liquid waxes will not have to be buffed but the liquid will have to be applied evenly on the floor if it is going to look right. Also, after the first coat of liquid wax has dried, a second coat of liquid wax is also required. The prices for paste wax and the liquid wax will also vary. For instance, if a owner wants to use a paste wax that is familiar and commonly used, Johnson Wax can be found on for 6.49 (16 oz. can). Other paste waxes are also as follows:

- Beaumont Trewax Clear Paste - $10.49
- Beaumont Trewax Sandable Wax Paste - $12.49
- Lundmark Wax (16 oz.) - 5.50

Hard Wood Floor Supplies

Of all the floors in a home, the floors that require the most care and delicacy is the hard wood floors. The hard wood floors can make a home look rich and crisp, unless the floors are dirty and dull. Therefore, it is very important for the homeowner to know what is needed, especially on the front end of this cleaning project, With the right type of supplies, some professional say these floors are the simplest to clean. However, many professionals differ when it comes to the types of cleaning products that should be used on the floors. Some professionals recommend products like Murphy's Oil, Kleenco's Old Time Wood Wash, Wilsonart, Pergo, Armstong, Swedish finish and Simple green. Which means, it is essential that the homeowner completes their research prior to cleaning and adding a finish to the floors. If in doubt, the owner of the home should check with a professional in the area.

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