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Adding Style To Home Exteriors With Decorative Residential Mailboxes

Residential mailboxes have always been a common feature of America's homes, and their purpose has evolved in an interesting way. Originally, mailboxes were meant to serve one purpose, that of receiving mail. However in the recent past, they have come to serve as exterior decorative features of residential areas. Known as decorative residential mailboxes, they are the ideal way to enhance the attractiveness of a home's exteriors. This article will explore the various types or models of decorative residential mailboxes, and highlight their prices and where they can be found online.

There are several designs and models of decorative mailboxes for mobile homes which are made from a variety of materials, and each design is meant to serve a specific function, and certain decorative appeal. From old world designs to modern contemporary designs, they surely help to create some elegance to each home. Nowadays, numerous online stores offer a wide range of choices of decorative mailboxes to select from. The mailboxes include a wide array of decorative options, which allows people to easily choose the mailbox styles, colors, sizes, and types that suit their aesthetic needs budget. They come in elegant classic designs with innovations to enhance the safety of mail. Depending on the exterior landscape, people can easily choose the type that fits in the environment.

General Types

Wall mount decorative mailboxes: These types of mailboxes can be mounted on the walls of residential properties. They come in various styles and shapes, and they can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for convenience. They are perfect for residential neighborhoods and apartments, because they do not take up a lot of space in the building. They are also specially preferred for proximity.

Post mount decorative mailboxes: These types of mailboxes are also known as curbside mailboxes, and they are normally used in suburban areas or in the countryside. They are generally placed in the front yards of residential properties or along the side of the road for homes that receive their mail on the curbside.

Column mount decorative mailboxes: These types of mailboxes are usually mounted on columns of residential gates. The column may also be erected specifically for mounting a decorative mailbox.

Decorative mailboxes are also made using various materials, but the most common materials used are wood and metal. Decorative mailboxes that are made using cedar wood are very common, and they are available in various forms. Most people prefer cedar because of its beauty, and cedar wood construction against a home can be displayed with a specifically selected wooden decorative mailbox. On the other hand, decorative mailboxes that are made from metal are available in various metal types including copper, brass, cast iron, aluminum, steel and nickel. Decorative copper mailboxes are especially popular because of their durability, strength, style, and beauty. Nevertheless, decorative metal mailboxes come in various forms and styles to suit customer aesthetic needs. Function, form, and decorative appeal seamlessly blend in every decorative mailbox designs.

Prices of Selected Models of Decorative Mailboxes

- A metal Victorian mailbox with a pedestal costs $235.00 at It is a post mount mailbox with a Victorian design, and it comes with free shipping from the online store. The Victorian design gives this particular mailbox an elegant and classic look. It is ideal for the front yards of residential home.

- Another type of post mount decorative mailbox is a signature Series Keystone mailbox. This mailbox comes with Standard Mailbox post package. It is also available at at a sale price of $390.00. It is also metallic and it has a sophisticated look, it is ideal for the front yard or curbside of a residential home.

- Another model of decorative mailbox is a Classic Faceplate Locking Column Mount mailbox. This decorative mailbox is ideal for a residential home that has a column mounted mailbox. It also has an elegant design, and it is available at at a sales price of $297.00 with free shipping.

- Another model of decorative mailbox is the CVS MAINVAULT- Secure Logic MAINVAULT 20308 main vault keyless residential mailbox. This mailbox is very secure due innovations such as protection from ID theft. It is actually like a small safe. It is available as a post mount mailbox, and it goes for $190.80 at The price is not inclusive of shipping.

- Another model is a Curb Appeal Stainless Steel Locking post mount mailbox. This mailbox also has a unique modern contemporary design. It is made from steel and goes for $1,049.00 at This is the sale price for the item and it includes free shipping. It has a sophisticated look.

- Another type of post mount decorative mailbox is a Whitehall Classic Chalet Mailbox Package. It has a classic and elegant look, and it is mounted on a classic looking pedestal post. It is available at at a sale price of $322.00. It also comes with free shipping. It is ideal for the usual front yard or curbside.

- Another model of contemporary decorative mailbox is a HouseArt No 10 Letterbox Wall Mount Mailbox. This mailbox is a modern contemporary design mailbox and it is in the form of an envelope. It is made of steel and it is very stunning and intriguing. It costs $174.00 at It is similarly shipped for free.

- The other model of a decorative mailbox is a Monet Decorative Wall Mount Mailbox. It is a modern contemporary design wall mount mailbox made of steel. It is available at for $245.00 with free shipping.

- Another decorative mailbox model is a Knobloch Phoenix Locking Wall Mount Mailbox. This model is also a modern contemporary design made of steel. It can also be locked and it has a sophisticated modern look. It is available at at a sale price of $360.00 and free shipping.

- Another model of decorative mailboxes with a classic and elegant design is a Keystone Signature Series Mailbox with Double Deluxe Post. It is a pedestal post mount mailbox that has two mailboxes. It is also available at a sale price of $887.00 at it is also available with free shipping.

- Another decorative mailbox model that has an elegant and classic look is a Whitehall Decorative Mailbox with Dual Mount Post System. It is available at the online store at a sale price of $781.00 and free shipping. It is also a post mount decorative mailbox.

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